Other Archival Material

 First page of the 1930 Turkish-Greek 'Friendship Treaty'. Download Treaty PDF from UNTC


 Sofianos Chrisostomidis’ article in EEDYE’s magazine Dromoi tis Eirinis, no. 76, April 1964, titled ‘Greeks and Turks: Open Roads of Friendship in Cyprus’ (see book p. 59 n. 19)


Reference to the 1978 Peace Festival in Antalya with the participatoin of a Greek delegation of Artists in EEDYE’s magazine Dromoi tis Eirinis,  no 6 (new series), July 1978 (see book p. 51)



Call of the Association for the Solidarity between the Peoples of Greece and Turkey (EAMLET) publshed in the newpaper Ethnos on 27 January 1985 (see book p. 67)


 Decleration of Establishement of the Greek-Turkish Friendship Committee in 1987 in Athens (see book chapter 5)


Protocol regulating the Abdi Ipekci Peace and Frienship Prize awarding rules signed by representatives of the Milliyet Newspaper and Andreas Politakis (see book chapter 5)



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